‘Celebration of Lights’ 3rd &4th November – Be prepared to be enlightened

Tea Gardens and Coffee Houses is pleased to announce Event#2: Celebration of Lights the 3rd and 4th November at twilight. The event will start with a procession from Arsenal Tube Station and will continue to the Green House for a bright evening of delight.

Ticket: £25. Please book BEFORE SATURDAY 27th OCTOBER. No reservation accepted afterwards.

Info and reservation: Ludivine at ludi@blacksheepscape.com

Tea Gardens and Coffee Houses, Tasteful Events in Unexpected Places – is the art project of Ludivine Baruton, landscape architect, actress and fine gourmet. She has decided to combine these passions and collaborate with artists, designers, patissiers… to create a series of participative events made of theatre, games, surprises, dreams, cakes and tea and taking place in a temporary garden made by herself. Each event is themed differently, according to the place and season.


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Oct 2010 – Oct 2012 Happy birthday!

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Balloon launch 14th of Octobre 2012/ Blackstock Green House

Three texts were being performed during the Launch:

Perillious trip across the Adriatic, 1804 by Fransesco Zambeccari,

performed by Frank Agnew

Trapped in the Sky, 1907 by Gertrude Bacon,

performed by Ludivine Baruton

Carnet de bord du 22 avril 1959 by Audoin Dollfus,

performed by Guillaume Pigé

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Mint fest/ Sunday

Listen to the sunday recordings of the Mint Radio


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Mint fest/ Saturday

Listen to the saturday recordings of the mint RADIO


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One last touch

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Last day before the festival!

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